Safety Guidelines

With the popularity of open ocean paddling increasing, all paddlers need to practice and communicate to others the importance of open water paddling safety measures. These include:

  • Always paddle with a partner stay within close proximity of one another
  • Always use a leash
  • Carry a cell phone in a waterproof case
  • Carry a whistle
  • Carry water
  • Practice sun protection with sunscreen, a hat or visor, eyewear, and a surf shirt

Remember if you get in trouble, are falling a lot, or are having difficulty with the wind blowing you where you don't want to go you can always go on your knees and paddle or even prone paddle with your arms. To prone paddle place the paddle blade under your chest with the shaft facing forward.

The joys and benefits of distance paddling are boundless for those who have experienced a good downwind run. Lets make sure everyone can experience this without mishap.

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